For quite some time, I’ve wanted to create a low-cost photo album. Yes, you may say “why not stick with iCloud or Google Photos?” The thing is that I don’t want to pay the amount they ask for after reaching the limit of free storage offered. If you are the type of person who loves to take high-quality pictures, a few GBs won’t cut it.

During the pandemic, I found myself with a lot of free time so, I decided to invest the time looking into technologies that would help me achieve my goal. …

Background story: A few months ago I bought a Raspberry-pi because I’d seen many people create cool stuff with it such as talking robots and home automation. However, after getting the device I found myself indecisive about which project to take on. Some projects required tools that I never worked with before and other projects didn’t have enough guidance on how to get started.

Recently, I came across a project that caught my attention. It was on how to make your own surveillance camera using a Raspberry-pi. At that moment my eyes lit up and I knew it would be…

Carlos Beltran

Technology driven - looking into ways to make things that work, work smarter.

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